Help Planning An Out Of Office Event

by IC

Planning an out of office event in Florida is no small task. Besides the large, obvious aspects, there are many small, often un-thought of details that need to be attended to in order to pull off a successful off-site event in Florida.

The Basics Of Planning Out Of Office Events In Florida

A successful out of office event is a combination of managing large and small factors. And even the jobs that seem simple enough--like choosing a location for an out of office event in Florida—entail a lot more work than might be expected.

On the more basic level, planning an off-site corporate event in Florida begins with

  • Choosing a theme and/or purpose for the event
  • Setting a budget
  • Setting a date and schedule
  • Choosing a venue—which involves inspection of property, comparison of services, pricing and negotiations, reservations, and more
  • Deciding on entertainment/speakers, and then bookings and negotiation with them<
  • Hiring vendors and services

Once the basics are attended to, the work really is in the details.

  • Technical and support services need to be determined and arranged (this might include extra lighting, multi-media equipment, communications equipment, and so on)
  • Meetings and communications (all ongoing) with vendors, service providers, decorators, and venue management
  • Selection and ordering of all necessary decorations, equipment, and accessories (from tables and chairs to centerpieces and party favors)
  • Review of local ordinances and determination of need for special permits, permissions, etc.
  • Applying for and securing necessary permits well in advance of the event
  • Scheduling of deliveries and services prior to and day of
  • Overseeing contractors, vendors, and services day of

The job does not end with the successful event, either. After, follow-up, payment, invoicing, and sometimes billing/payment/service disputes need to be attended to. Certainly, from start to finish planning an off-site event in Florida becomes a very time-consuming project that requires focus and attention.

Going It Alone Is Not Always An Effective Solution

While it might seem like a fun distraction to plan an out of office event or party on your own, you are likely to find that the task will quickly become overwhelming. And yes, it is likely to be a distraction as well, but that needs to be put in perspective—any distraction is a distraction from the real work that needs to be done—your purpose (or your employees' purpose) for being there. Many businesses find it much more advantageous to hire a professional Florida event planner to handle the many large and small details of planning out of office events.

Professional event planners really prove their value when planning out of office events. When you weigh the impact of a Florida event planner's access, experience, contacts, strategic pricing agreements, and familiarity with service providers and venues against the stress of event planning, time and attention lost to work obligations, planning difficulties, vendor issues, and event management, hiring an event planner quickly becomes the most efficient and cost-effective option for planning out of office events in Florida.

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